Mechanical Chime Doesn't Ring With v3 Power Kitt

I have 2 Ring doorbells and one mechanical chime. The Front is a Battery Doorbell Plus that also hardwired. The Rear is a Video Doorbell Pro 2. They are wired according to the diagram labeled “One Ring Video Doorbell Pro/one Ring Video Doorbell/one internal doorbell chime
The Power Kit is v3. My transformer reads ~21 VAC. My chime is a NuTone on the compatibility list

When the PowerKit is in circuit the Front rings fine but the Rear does not ring the chime - everything else is fine, both report Good level 1 power, camera, wifi, etc. When I remove the PowerKit the Rear will ring the chime, but the Rear reports insufficient power and the mechanical chime intermittently buzzes and rings.

Is my Power Kit faulty?

The answer: even though the transformer had sufficient voltage, it did not have sufficient power - only 10VA. I shelled out $25 for the Ring transformer 30VA and all problems solved.

It would be nice if the Ring app could detect and communicate this. From the device health before and after the output was the same: good level 1 power.

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Hi @QuinnChi. I’m happy to hear a new transformer resolved this issue for you! Your feedback is appreciated as well, as our teams are always working to improve the Ring app. :slight_smile:

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