mechanical bell volteg

I purchased ring video doorbell elite from USA ?? . As for the mechanical bell, will it support 220 volts? (I have a 220 volt bell)

Hey @zaabi811. You will want to ensure your chime kit is compatible from the list of chime kits here! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chelsea_Ring for the help but unfortunately my device is not on the list.

@zaabi811 Thank you for confirming this! Since your internal chime kit is not compatible with the Doorbell, I do not recommend wiring the Doorbell to it. If you need the sounds throughout your home like a chime kit offers, you can get a Chime or Chime Pro to set up with your Ring device, as the Chime or Chime Pro is the replacement and more mobile internal chime kit! If you are interested in the additional power supply benefit you would get from the internal chime kit, you can purchase a Plug-In Adapter to help supply power to the Doorbell. :slight_smile:

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