Maybe a silly question.. ring cameras

This maybe a silly question but I’ve not thought about it before until a power cut today. I have a ring stick up camera that is powered by the wire. Can I also stick a battery into the camera when it’s wired as back up should the main power go down? Also if both the wire and battery is in, will the wired power take precedence as the main source of power?

Certainly not a silly question!

One of the moderators will need to answer whether or not it is actually designed to have it run off the installed battery if it’s wired power is lost. The RIng website alludes to it but is not explicit in it’s description.

To me, the Ring website is mostly vague marketing type language for many of the important techinical and security aspects of its devices. And then when you call them, different people give you different answers.

I would hope so. Hopefully someone who has seen it work n real life will answer.

However, in theory, if the camera can also be powered by the battery, then as long as your wifi router and modem are still working, then the camera running in battery should still be able to trigger, record, and send images to the cloud, or… to an expensive Ring Alarm Pro that has local storage and battery back-up and back-up celluar. This is also why we set up an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for our modem and router…

Google Nest Outdoor Camera has the ability to do local recording to the device for a limited time if it loses wired power, and other brands of cameras with local storage or local hub storage in your home supposedly can this.

Would love to know the in real life answer for Ring as well…

Hi neighbors. This Help Center article here has more information about the power sources for the Stick-Up Cam. I hope this helps!