Maybe a dumb question...

So if you DON’T wire this to an existing doorbell, what happens exactly when the button is pushed? Obviously it goes to my phone, but is that it? I assume it hooks up to at least some kinds of smart devices? How would other people know somebody is at the door? This feels like a really dumb question but I just got this thing for Christmas and I don’t know much about them.

You can get the Ring Chime, Crime Pro or use an Alexa device.

Interesting. Thanks!

In that case, it seems simpler just to hook it up separately and use Alexa.

Hey @ireland381! Any and all questions related to Ring are good questions for the Community. :slight_smile:

As @Eagle328 suggested, our Chime and Chime Pro devices are great for extending notifications through the home, as are Alexa enabled devices.

If no chime kit is existing or in use with your Video Doorbell there is, of course, the audible tone that comes out of the Doorbell itself, which can often be heard from inside the home. You may also add your family as shared users so they may receive alerts on their mobile devices the same as you. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem with my Classic (original) Ring. You will probably also notice the battery is losing it’s charge; even if it is hardwired (as mine is) to my existing doorbell; the app says it’s in battery mode. Everytime I call customer support I get an different answer; and none of them (yet) have been helpful…argh!