May have deleted by accident the sonar ring notification sound

When i was using the ring app the other day withmy 3 cameras i was looking at the differrent ring sound notifications available even though i use the ‘sonar’ sound for all 3 cameras. What i didnt realise when looking through the different sounds was the little red minus icon against each sound notification. Somehow i appear to have removed the sonar sound option which is really annoying asni am having to use other sounds which are not my preference and i cant get the sonar sound back.
I have tried deleting cache and data on the app and re-installing bit its still not there.
I use a samsumg galaxy note 9 and am really hoping someone can assist me in getting this notification tone back (sonar).

Hi @Brown4s. I’d recommend checking out this thread where other neighbors had a similar concern regarding their alert tones specifically on Android devices. All of the alert tones should be somewhere in the internal storage on your phone, and other neighbors in that thread have posted their solutions for getting the alert tones to show up in the Ring app again. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: