Matching Barcode to camera

We purchased 7 cameras. i was trying to write which location exist on the barcode in case I every had to reset one of them. but the books got mixed up. Is there any way to tell whoch barcode goes with which device without starting over?

Hi @Joe_Grosskopf. Each box will have the MAC ID for your device by the barcode and that MAC ID will match up to the MAC ID that you had to scan for the setup on the back of your Doorbell or Cam. You will also be able to see the MAC Address/ID in your Device Health page of your device’s profile. I hope this helps you match them up!

Nuts, I threw the boxes out. Al I have is the barcode label (which does not show mac ID). It’s not a HUGE deal. Hopefully, I’ll never have to re-set them and if I do, worse case, I have to do 4…the other 3 I kept together. Thanks anyway