Massive delay on Ring Wired doorbell!

I recently bought the Ring Wired Doorbell to replace a cheaper video doorbell and so far I’m really disappointed :frowning:
I purchased the plug in adapter too and this is all set up about 4 metres away from the WiFi router. With no other doors or walls in the way.
The notifications on my phone for motion and rings are up to 30 minutes delayed!!
I’ve tried using my Alexas as the chime and that was still delayed.
I’ve reset my internet router and set devices to different channels. Now I just have the Ring Door bell and Alexa on 2.4Ghz. And the rest on 5Ghz.
Still no improvement.
My free trial has now expired but I’m reluctant to pay for a subscription if I can’t even get it to work correctly!!

If you use a Do Not Disturb type feature on your phone then that’d explain the delay.
I do, and my notifications can be minutes up to an hour delayed.

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I only have the bedtime do not disturb mode on my iPhone.