Marvin Lock Sensor

Any thoughts? Getting a new door. They have lock sensors as an option for an extra 250. They don’t list specific compatibility. They just claim an open system compatibility.

Hi @msteinebach. For a list of devices that are compatible with our Ring Alarm, check out this Works With Ring list here. This list contains all of the devices that will have full functionality with the Ring Alarm system. I hope this helps!

I’ve seen that list. Not really what I’m looking for.

We have a Ring Doorbell Pro, so we want to remain in the Ring family with security. We have several Marvin doors with their Lock Status Sensor. It requires a 3rd party sensor that can detect when the door is open/close and locked. I can provide more info if required, but want to know if Ring has a sensor that is known to work with Marvin’s system. The references suggested above did not provide the answer I need.

Hi @ben.l. Ring is not compatible with the Marvin door sensor. With the Ring Alarm, you are able to add Works With Ring devices and smart locks. I hope this information helps!