Marketing malfeasance

Ring sent an email message this morning that includes the headline: “Try Motion Snooze. Just like your alarm clock, you can snooze motion notifications without opening the Ring App.” Yet if you click on “Learn more,” the instructions say, “To activate Motion Snooze, follow these instructions: Open your Ring app…”

Someone in Marketing needs retraining because nothing erodes trust faster than misleading information. Add to that that there’s no email address for direct feedback, and Ring joins the list of online companies that wants your business but doesn’t want to make it easy for those customers to contact them (and, no, a phone call for this sort of issue won’t suffice because those front line representatives have no power to make changes).

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We appreciate this feedback, @petering! As you know, the email you received is in reference to the Motion Snooze feature described in more detail here. I’d like to also clarify further, while the motion snooze feature can be enabled in the Ring app, it can also be used without opening the app.

This is done within the motion push notification/ banner options. When you receive a motion notification, that motion alert banner should have a quick option for snooze. For myself, I had to hard press (hold) the motion alert banner on my mobile device for the options to pop up. Thank you again for your feedback on this experience, and we are happy to inform you that this information will be added to our help center article for future neighbors to reference! :slight_smile: