Map shown in Birds Eye View is blurry and tiled

For the last two or three weeks, the image that is displayed in the Birdseye view has become blurry and tiled. It’s almost as if all of the information is not being downloaded to the app. If I click on it and zoom out, there are some squares that are clear but the one that is directly over my house is blurry. I know that Mapbox supplies the information to Ring but I don’t know if it’s an issue with the app not using up-to-date information or if the problem is with the information Mapbox is giving it. I have tried to go through the settings To see if there was anywhere for it to re-download information or something along those lines, but I can’t find anything that solves this issue. It’s also affecting all of the cameras I have that have Birdseye available.

Hi @Likenodukes. We’d love to be able to assist you with this. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring with a screenshot of what you are seeing and we’ll be able to assist you.

Same thing here - Birds Eye view is blurry … I even tried setting it up again/editing the zone and the whole thing is just a blurry map.

I have a hardwired Ring Pro 2 Doorbell.

Hi @Likenodukes @wkkunkle. It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot example of what you’re seeing. I can check with my team on if this is expected, or what troubleshooting steps may be available. If you aren’t comfortable sharing a screenshot, you can get in touch with our support team as @Tom_Ring mentioned.

@Caitlyn_Ring @Tom_Ring
There used to be a few squares that were clear but now it appears that the whole Birds Eye picture is blurry.

Hi @Likenodukes. Thank you for sharing that image! I’m not sure of the specific model cam you have, but here are some steps you can try.

  1. Tap the in the upper left.
  2. Tap on Devices.
  3. Choose the Cam.
  4. Tap on Motion Settings.
  5. Tap on 3D Motion Detection.
  6. Tap on Change Detection Location.
  7. Tap the layer icon in the upper right corner of the map during setup or while changing detection location.
  8. Tap on Vector Mode.

If this does not change the image, unfortunately, there’s not much else we can do. The images for the 3D imaging are provided by MapBox and all we can do at this time is forward feedback to have the image improved. I apologize that this isn’t the best solution, but rest assured we are advocating for change with this concern.