Manual reconnect. Then what is the purpose

I have the ring doorbell. The product is advertised: See who’s there at the front door when you’re not at home. But if there’s a power outage the ring doorbell does not reconnect to the Wi-Fi so therefore you have to be home which defeats the purpose of the ring doorbell.

I am mad that they sold me something that does not work.

Also. They would like us to keep trash. That is the box the doorbell came in and everything inside. Ridiculous ridiculous

Also Let make it that the screw is in a very inconvenient place. you have to have the ring doorbell “specialize” screw driver.

Likely you need a better WiFi connection closer to your Doorbell for it to reconnect properly. WiFi doesn’t always go through outside walls very well.

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Be advised that I was told by Ring Customer Service that it is expected that Wired Ring Doorbell will lose connection every time there is a loss of power or wifi loss, and the only resolution is to do the physical reset on the device. The Customer Service person acknowledged that there is incorrect information in Ring usage database that indicates Doorbells will auto reconnect once power is restored. I was told this is incorrect and that physical reset is required every time. I live in area that has brief power glitches all the time and thus my only solution is to do the physical reset process on the device all the time. I find this totally unacceptable given all my other devices from Google, Apple, etc. auto reconnect.

Hi @d4b13894395292f7271d10bc41dac7. I apologize for any misinformation you may have received when contacting our support team. Ring Doorbells and Cameras are designed to automatically reconnect to the wifi network they were connected to in the case of any minor power or wifi outage. Occasionally if your Ring Doorbell or Camera does not automatically connect, then we would recommend you manually reconnect it by following the steps in the Ring App.

Caitlyn, my cameras go offline a few times a Mth, and the manual reconnect does not Wk. It says Unable to Join Ring Wifi - are they going to fix that issue, been doing it for a yr

So I have reset router, took batteries out of cameras and 2 of my 6 cameras are offline