Manic Orb in an empty house in the middle of nowhere

We wanted to share this video taken last night. There is NO: existing furnace, A/C, or hot water heater. NO running ceiling fans, open windows, etc. The only thing on in this house that might make air movement is the fridge, and a small lamp sitting on the floor in the room behind the camera. While the house is filthy and being rehabbed, this is NOT “dust” or an insect, lol. I’m familiar with both and neither behave like this.

This house is in the middle of nowhere, off a one lane road. You can’t even see the road from the house, so no headlights to reflect off anything. Plus, ALL the windows are covered, with the exception of the top half of the window this orb comes through, which is a the end of the house with a view towards a heavily wooded hillside, with nothing for miles but trees.

If you watch this full screen on a large monitor, the orb makes nine appearances in the minute + video, some are in the lower left corner of the screen that can be hidden by the progress bar. This thing is as manic as the person’s energy we believe it to be. We’re curious as to why Ring labeled this video as “Answered Motion (Person)” and “Person Detected.” While we don’t disagree that is was a person, they are no longer in a human form. :wink:

Hyper Orb