Major security flaw w/ Ring modes

There is a major security flaw w/ Ring modes when using schedules.
Like most people, we have our Alarm scheduled to Arm in “Home” mode nightly.
Without a “Vacation” mode, after setting to “Away” mode and if away for overnight, vacation, situation, what ever the reason, the alarm will automatically disarm as schedule.
There needs to be a “Vacation” mode that will override the scheduled Home/Disarm modes.

This seems to be an obvious “miss” in the Ring function.

Please add “Vacation” override mode that will stay armed until manual disarming.
This is NOT a feature request, but a serious security miss.
Please address as soon as possible.

This should be simple to understand, however please reply if there are any other questions.

No, it’s a feature request because you can adjust how the modes are set when you go away on vacation yourself. Takes like a minute, and I know, because that’s what I do.

I’ve seen your feature suggestion before so you might check out the Feature Request forum (Feature Request Board - Ring Community) and vote on any that are already there. In the event there isn’t create one yourself. The more votes it gets the more likely Ring might take notice.

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Not sure what you mean. You mean disable the schedules so they don’t change the away mode. Thanks for the info , still searching for that particular “request”.
However, we have our own opinions and NO , I think it’s a flaw that should be fixed.
When you set it in away mode, it should stay that way until you disarm.

wilsonb -

Don’t let anyone convince you that your concerns are not valid.

The major security flaw you mentioned (along with similar related ones) was presumably known to Ring software designers/programmers before the feature was released. Thus, it’s disappointing that nothing has been done to solve such problems, despite repeated requests from Ring Community members.

Unfortunately, the various requests to fix such problems use different wording/descriptions across multiple threads – instead of all being included in a single thread (which would hopefully give the topic greater visibility to both Ring decision makers and Ring Community members).

Thus, If you’re really serious about getting such problems fixed, you may want to consider:

  • Finding all of the “New Feature” threads that relate to these problems (no matter how the thread title/body are worded)
  • Voting for any threads you agree with
  • “Liking”“ (hearting) the posts you agree with
  • Asking moderators to merge this thread with the thread you like the most

Good luck!