Major flaw in motion alerts. FIX IT!!!!

I have seen this mentioned in other threads but am bringing it up seperately because I consider it to be the main reason i would not recommend Ring products to others.

The issue is that the Ring app which is the primary control for setting motion alerts from the doorbell (and I assume other devices) does not really control the device but only alerts on a phone or pad or digital assistant. This is not just a needed feature but a major flaw in the product line as I see it. When I turn off or suspend the motion alerts on my phone because I know I will be setting off alerts while working outside within range of my doorbell, my wife should not have to be receiving alerts on her phone at her studio and my pad or Alexa or whatever shared receiving device should not be announcing an alert. The notion that we should have to independently adjust every Ring app on every receiving device that we may use in order to suspend alerts is ridiculous and a total PitA! :robotmad: :womanmad: :smirk_cat: :manmad: :angry:

This is much more than an inconvenience. It totally undermines the functionality of the devices and should be addressed in future app updates. Unfortunately, we do not discover the issue until we have already purchased the devices. I hope that all users will complain until it is fixed.

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I would like to add to this fix request that centralized control of the Ring devices be accessible through a computer online either by way of a web browser or app. We are paying to have video stored online and this is the main reason there are so many complaints about delay in viewing recordings while they are uploading yet we are unable view them except on our phones or pads. I would appreciate the option of accessing and reviewing recordings on my computer’s large HD screen in some cases especially if I am trying to make out details of a potential breakin or casing my property. And if the online access allowed me to change settings for my doorbells and all alert receiving devices in a single location this would greatly improve the functionality. Seems to me that most video security systems that rely on internet connections allow for computer access. Why not Ring?

I have my Ring Dorbell working on two computers with access to the settings - I just downloaded the ring app from the Microsoft store on the computers and after I had installed it and signed in it seems to work more or less the same as the app on my phone