Mains powered Video Doorbell not working anymore, critically low battery

My mains powered Video Doorbell is not working anymore. I get a message of critically low battery on the app. At the same time it show the icon of mains powered has not changed on my app.

Has anyone had this before and what should I do?

I tried to call the customer service but there is no reply.

Hey @ddufaux! It sounds like you have the Video Doorbell Pro. If it is not powering up, the best thing to check first is the wiring from the transformer to the Doorbell is securely attached, as well as the Pro Power Kit.

If you have a battery powered Video Doorbell, you’ll want to charge it for several hours before attempting to reconnect. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Have a normal Video doorbell and not a Pro.

Haven’t had to charge it for almost a year, as I thought mains powered meant no need to charge. But I was wrong, never knew…

It is all charged now and fully working again!

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