Main door Sensor

I have a 2nd gen contact sensor for my front door (main door). Lately after and armed the alarm and the exit count down would start I would leave my house. But the alarm will go off a few minutes later after I’ve left my house! It was done that multiple times in the past few weeks. Last week I checked the battery, checked the distance from the magnet, checked the signal strength, reset the sensor, and everything looked good. But it happened again! It says my door is opened but it was closed.

Any help would be greatly appreicated!

Hi @PDXTwitch. In your Event History, what does it show as the cause for the Alarm being triggered? Is it the Contact Sensor that is causing the Alarm to go off, or perhaps a Motion Sensor? Could you upload a picture of how you have the Contact Sensor mounted? This will help us be able to identify what is happening. It sounds like the Contact Sensor may be improperly placed, but we’ll need a picture to verify this.