Magnet in doorbell

Is there a purpose for the round magnet in the base plate on the Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation)? I had to remove it to install the Ring at a junction box.

Hi @KaySeeTom. The magnet in the base plate of your Ring Doorbell is there to help hold the Doorbell in place when mounting.

If door is magnetic can i just attached the ring doorbell to the door? would it hold? or was it not meant for that?

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@Trullo did you receive a reply to this?
I too would like to know if you can just use the magnet for mounting.

Hi there, neighbors! As mentioned above, the magnet on the No Drill Mount is intended to hold it in place when mounting, if it is on a magnetic surface. We’ve also seen neighbors use the magnet itself to mount the Video Doorbell. Please keep in mind the device weight, accessibility, and activity of the mounting area when deciding where to use this mounting method.

Feel free to also check out my Video Doorbell (2020 release) and No Drill Mount story. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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