Made a Shared User


I’ve installed a Ring System for a person and I was made a guest user on that Ring System. I used an iPhone Ring App to add & configure all the devices and users. Everything is working when I am at the remote house in person with my iPhone in the Ring app.

However, I installed the Ring App on my home PC at a remote location and logged in as the ‘shared user’ on that Ring app after sending an invite from the Ring Owner to me a ‘Shared User’. This shared user logged in to the Ring App on my remote does not see any alarms or live video from the remote Ring system. Should it? I thought that was one of the points of being made a ‘Shared User’, in order to monitor a remote Ring installation? Or is that only possible to the ‘Ring Professional Monitoring’ $10 a month subscription workers? I’ll and the remote Ring owner will be very disappointed if that is the case.

If I can monitor that Remote Ring installation on my PC please advise me of the steps I’ve left out? Thanks!

Hi there, @RingAccountForMe! When being added as a shared user to another device/ location, these will show up in the Ring app under that location. Thus, if you have multiple locations on your Ring account, or own Ring devices yourself, you will want to change the location being viewed from the menu or the location drop down option in the Ring app.

Our Shared Users help center article breaks down what options are included with this. Feel free to also visit our help center article about Alarm users and roles. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: