Mac Ring App not seeing Ring Indoor Cameras

I can see all the other cameras in the app, but my two indoor cameras do not show on the left.

I’ve shared this with the team, and you should be able to view Indoor Cam on your MAC in the near future. We appreciate your patience.

This is also a problem with the Windows App as well


Cannot see Indoor Camera on Windows App here also.

Thanks for letting us know @yonah and @sunkistcrush ! I should have included that the Indoor Cam will be available in the Windows app in the near future as well :slight_smile:

Same issue, are there any other Ring products that currently do not work with the Windows 10 app?

Hi neighbors! The Indoor Cam should now be available in the newest MAC and Windows update. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

Ive just bough an indoor cam and installed and can’t see it with my mac, any fix’s ?

I just received three indoor cameras and set up the first one and it shows up on my Ring App on my iPhone 11 Pro. Then I set up the second one and it does NOT show up on my Ring App on my iPhone 11 Pro or my MacBook Pro. I am getting motion alerts and can view the recording and live view but I don’t have any way of controlling it since I can not access the device on the Ring App. This second camera also does not show up on the device list.

Hey @VGK. Did you set up the second camera on another location? It’s possible it’s on a second location, which may be why you cannot see it. You will need to toggle through your locations in the Ring app > Main Menu > and click on your address’ name above Dashboard. If you see the same name there twice, you will have a duplicate address. You can go into the Main Menu > Devices > Select Cam > Device Settings in either/or of the Cams and move them over to the proper location before deleting said location. If you still cannot see the Cam on another location, please reach out to our support team here for further assistance.

Thanks so much! That was what I needed. Much appreciation!!

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