Mac Ring App camera "Pop up Notifications" behaving weirdly

Hey All… I have a newer Macbook and have had the ring system for a year or so, with a front ring doorbell 2 cam, and a stick up cam.

Since purchasing, without any thought, the cameras would appear (Pop up) for my various notifications (motion, door bell ring, etc) and they were always non obtrusive, and although tiled over my current window, I would not have a problem with continuing on my current screen and the pop up would eventually disappear.

Lately, for no apparent reason, the camera window will present itself directly in the middle of the screen disrupting whatever I am doing… I then have to close the camera which then brings the main ring app window into view and causes me another process to close that window to resume my work.

I can’t think of anything I have done to change my notifications, or pop ups etc on the mac itself, nor on the ring app… Its driving me crazy. Can anyone help?

Hey @jpsnaggs, it sounds like “Mini-alerts when app is in background” got disabled. To re-enable this, you will need to open up the Ring app on your Mac. Once open, select the word “Ring” at the top left next to the apple icon. From there, select preferences and then make sure the “Mini-alerts when app is in background” is checked for “Rings & Motions.” This should only give you a small live-video now instead of the larger one! Hope this helps. :smiley_cat: