Mac Ring app automatically logs out, but video feeds still shown?

Something I’ve noticed today. If you leave the Mac Ring app running, after a while, it automatically logs out (good for security).

But the video feeds are still displayed when the camera detects motion? How can this happen if I’m not logged in to the Ring app?

Hi @Jamze. I’ve been following up with the appropriate team on this, and just a few follow up questions for you. The video that you have pulled up in your screenshot, if that your Live View that you’ve had up while your app was still logged in, or was this the Live View after motion was detected/triggered? The only reason I ask is because if you still had a Live View up while logged in, the Live View will stay for about 10 minutes before timing out, but your app could log you out before that.

If it is happening when motion is triggered, could you try removing the Ring app, rebooting your Mac, and then reinstalling the app? From there, watch over how the Ring app performs and if it continues to do this to you. Additionally, if this continues to happen, please let me know what iOS your Mac is on and the app version installed.

Hi. Thanks for picking this issue up.

The video on the screenshot is one that was triggered by motion and displayed automatically after the Mac Ring app had logged itself out.

I then closed the video windows, and they continued to be displayed until I closed the Ring app.

I’ll try the reinstall/reboot and see if it does the same. Also had an update to the Mac Ring app today too, so will see if it still does it.


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