Mac OS Ring App open issues

  1. I know there is another thread about the Mac App not seeing indoor cameras, and we are waiting on that.

  2. But I just got around to loading the Mac app and also see that it has no Alarm functionality. Seeing devices, setting the alarm . . .

  3. And, I was suprised to see that the app is not available in the Mac App Store. Always gives me pause when loading apps on my Mac that Apple has not reviewed.

So . . . I just want to get these things on the list. I am sure Ring will get around to them, if they are on the list.

One more . . . I cannot find any way to set, or set to none, the “app alert tone” for each camera, as it is called in the other apps.

Hi @Brad ! Nice call out – There currently is no functionality for the Alarm in the Mac app, however, there is through your computer browser at .

Regarding the app not being in the Mac store. Currently the best way to locate and download the Ring app is through this link

Let us know if you have any questions!