Mac OS Ring app ID-ed as Traps Wildfire

I got notified to update the app today, 1/29/2020, I don’t know for which version.

After it the update was installed my PaloAlto Traps app blocked Ring from running as Traps identified Ring as malware, in Wildfire category. Traps Prevention ID is “29f81c0b-38e1-42f5-ac70-2b53d827b1e1” . Ring app would instantly be terminated everytime I try to run it, so I do not know which version it is. Please see attached screenshot.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled Ring app, but would face the same issue. Btw, the download link “” also gets flagged by Safari as suspicious.

Please help.

Hi Ring support,

Do you have a resolution for this, I’m seeing the same with the version here mac ?

Traps just simply termitates it.

I’m seeing the exact same thing.