Mac App functions are different from android phone

How can I view my night time “recap” on my Mac, that I can see on my phone? I have different motions logged, but nothing during the quiet time I have put on my floodlight cameras. I have mine go into a mode where I am not disturbed, but it still records. I can see these things on my phone, but not my computer. I would like to see this on my computer, because I saw something suspicious last night. I don’t really see a menu or options for this, all I have are the “rings” outside of my quiet mode time.

Hi @hollymarie15. Would you be able to share a screenshot or an example of this recap that you’re viewing on your phone? For the quiet time you’re referring to, is this a Motion Schedule or a Motion Snooze that you’re enabling? Once I have a bit more information, I’d be happy to look into this! :slight_smile: