Mac 2.4.1 - HUGE linphone.log files!

After installing 2.4.1 of the Mac Ring App I noticed in my/Library/Caches folder some huge linphone.log files appearing. 10.5Mb & 7.4Mb so far… the are just files containing text! Yep, that big!!

What are they? I think I know…

linphone provide open source SIP/VoIP software, although they also license it. Ring use them.

Take a look at this one line from one of the log files…

2020-01-31 11:11:41:562 MESSAGE channel [0x7fa000060000]: keep alive sent to [TLS://]

port 15064 is one that Ring use, is an AWS service (Amazon for storage of videos basically). Also…

From: <sip:5[number redacted]> - so it’s definatly sending back to Ring.

My question? Why are these HUGE log files being generated? Why is every single keep alive signal being logged? These are going to take up some serious space after a while. I know it’s in the Caches folder so they should be deleted at some point… but still, not on is it?!

Also, since 2.4.1 the video displayed via the Mac Ring app is utterly useless, see attached screen grab. My iOS Ring app is fine, but I sit in front of my Mac all, not my iOS device!


Hi @DJT,

First and foremost, we want to remind you that at Ring, privacy is foundational - and guides every decision we make.

Like many companies, Ring uses third-party service providers to understand the use of our mobile app, which helps us improve features, optimize your customer experience, and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing. We care deeply about providing our neighbors with the best possible experience and leverage these tools to help us do so.

We want to ensure you that these service providers’ use of the data provided is contractually limited to appropriate purposes, such as performing these services on our behalf, and not for other purposes. Ring is not in the business of selling customer information.

For more information, please reference our Privacy Notice on

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Literally nothing to do with what I asked!

I’m not asking about privacy, nor the mobile app.

I’m asking about the log file sizes and why since 2.4.1 my Mac app video has become terrible, as per the screengrab I attached!!

Try again please? :wink:

Well, the file size is very, very small. See here to better understand.

That screenshot is showing a damaged device from what I see. Almost like a bad phone screen that was cracked. If your phone is fine then you may want to call customer service.
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Oh boy…

I’m a macOS developer, I know what I’m writing about! Those sizes for log files are huge, trust me on this, most log files are like 3kb, tiny, these in comparison are huge. Also, it’s literally nothing to do with a cracked phone screen as that was a screengrab from my Mac! It’s the Ring App on the Mac that has the huge log files and terrible video quality since it updated to 2.4.1.