"Low voltage" issue that is fixed by resetting device

On a number of occasions, I’d say maybe every couple of months, my Pro 2 suddenly shows as disconnected (the little red icon shows in the app on the thumbnail image). Live video stops working, motion detection stops working, the doorbell doesn’t ring inside, etc…

It is still somewhat connected at this point as the health check still reports in and it captures some thumbnails and occasionally comes back to life for a motion detection event before going back to not working, etc…

The health check says the voltage is low. 9V to be exact. It may seem obvious that this must be the issue, but if I reset and reconnect the device, everything works fine again and the health check reports voltage as back to normal. Clearly this must be an issue with the Ring as there is no way that resetting the device could fix the voltage on the wire.

The power output on the health check is rated is good and that page says my transformer is fine.

I’ve checked the voltage with a meter in the past and it was fine as well.

It seems like this is some weird issue with the Ring where it gets in a state where it thinks the voltage is bad when it is fine. Is this a known bug?

There can be many variables to consider when troubleshooting low power symptoms with your Video Doorbell Pro. As you mentioned the power being sufficient, please also consider installation variables such as the Pro Power Kit and wire gauge.

For more in-depth support with your Video Doorbell Pro 2, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Just happened again, so that’s about 5 weeks where it worked fine.

I have the Pro Power Kit installed. I did not remove the Ring in order to check wire gauge, but I do not recall it being a particularly large gauge that the article lists as an issue.

Just to reiterate, the device works great for weeks/months with absolutely no issue and then gets in a state where it is broken until I reset the device, at which point it again works great for weeks/months. That seems like more of a software issue to me than a power issue. Resetting the device isn’t going to fix issues with wire gauge.

Hi @Dave76. What is the voltage rating that is on your transformer? Do you have the make/model number for it? I’d like to do some research on this.

I think I’m having the same issue. Ring video Pro 2 worked fine for 6 months and just went off line with low transformer voltage indicated in device health. I’ll try to reset it but if this becomes a recurring event I’m not going to be happy about given the number of these cameras I installed.

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