Low sound - samsung S10 plus


The sound quality am getting when live is so poor you can bearly hear it when i speak or someone else speaks, when reviewing back the sound is fine. It was working fine for the first 2 days after purchase.

I have a s10e and have the same issue. It appears that the doorbell is using in call speaker instead of speaker phone (loud speaker). I dunno how to fix it. I have unistalled and reinstalled the app a few times. Have you figured out anything?

Hi mate the ring app is still the same it must be a issue with the app, but i found away around it download rapid ring from the playstore this works alot better. Hope this helps

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Awesome I’ll give it a try. Do you uninstall the ring app or use both together. Also do you get double notifications?

I have both apps on my phone. But only get notifications from rapid ring, the only issue is there is no time line on rapid ring.

Re: Low sound - samsung S10 plus