Low data rate on outdoor pop-up camera

Continue to experience occasional low resolution, actually the bitrate I guess. When I download the poor quality live views, the resolution is 1080 but the bitrate is about a quarter that as compared to other camera videos (for example 410kbs vs 2055kbs). The image is very pixelated. The camera is 15 feet from the router, shows a good signal and produces good videos 80% of the time. It just seems to go into this low quality mode and takes several day to correct itself. I have several cameras and have seen this behavior on other outdoor cameras. The plugged indoor cams have never done it. I have tested wifi speeds and signals on cams, are good to excellent. Again the camera that is currently experiencing the problem is about 15 feet from router, one of the closest of all my cams. Help!

Thank you for the video example, @MichaelD7143! This video quality certainly seems to change often throughout the video. The distance to router sounds minimal, however, there could be some interference between. Checking your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app will help to know if there is any interferences showing in signal values.

As a test, try bringing the stick up camera indoors near the router, initiating a live view, and gradually moving further from the router to see at what point the video concern exists. I recommend also ensuring the battery is fully charged, if battery powered, for optimal power and functionality. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: