Low battery on plug in camera

As I search the threads I’m seeing this same problem over and over again with no real resolution.

My, not even a month old, plugged in, spotlight cam plus is saying low battery when I’m not using a battery. Originally it wasn’t even turning on. But today, 3 days later, I’ve plugged it in inside and that’s the new error, low battery.

I’ve called and been told it’s faulty and they are sending me a new one. But obviously it’s a regular problem.

Several mentioned this error after rain getting into the charging port, which makes a lot of sense since it’s rainy and snowy here. But I thought these were supposed to be outside.

Another said to put sealant around the plug. But we didn’t have to do this.

Another said actually add a battery, but I bought this one so I wouldn’t have to use a battery.

What is the solution? What is being done? What is actually getting figured out? Should I return it for a refund, cancel my service and find something else?

Hi @Nevans322. This should not be happening. Although these cams are weather resistant, water damage can occur depending on the severity of the exposure. I’m happy to hear that our support team was able to assist and replace your faulty cam. Thanks, neighbor.

I’ve got a stick up cam in my house, the battery version.

For the past few weeks I’ve been getting email notifications that the battery is low, even though it’s fully charged.

In the ring app, I can check the battery level and it’s showing 98%

Anyone else having the same issue? Anything I can do to fix?

Well my problem wasn’t actually resolved. It’s happened again with the replacement camera. It’s too cold for it to hold a trickle charge even when plugged in. I’m unable to return since it’s past 30 days, so now I have a camera that won’t work when it’s cold. It is physically way to hard for me to get to the camera everytime this happens to bring it inside and warm it up. This product isn’t effective in colder areas. Hopefully it starts back up as it warms up or until I can get help, again and again. I will be sharing publicly as many places as possible so others know it’s not for cold weather areas.

Hi @Nevans322. I would urge you to follow up with our support team, it seems like further troubleshooting is needed. Extremely cold weather can affect the performance of the lithium-ion batteries in Ring devices, but this Camera is not using a battery. The cold weather is not what is causing you to see this message, but our support team is able to actually take a closer look and walk you through troubleshooting steps in order to resolves this.

I have the exact same problem. They are sending me a new one. But it sounds like the new will likely do the same thing as I live in Oregon where it rains often.

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