Low battery notification

I’ve seen this topic a few times, but no one seems to have an answer. My battery cam used to tell me when I had a low battery… Now, nothing. No email, app notification, telegram, carrier pigeon, nada. I’ve checked settings, app updates, community topics and there doesn’t seem to be an answer, except that Bezos doesn’t care about me, which can’t be the case because he keeps leaving me gifts on my front porch. This can’t be the solution here, Ring. What’s the latest? Is there a plan?

Hey @Mikey2069. We are slowly rolling out a new feature that is Low Battery notification via a push notification from the app. This is from neighbors saying that email were not being received, so we wanted to offer this to our neighbors. We’re still rolling out the feature, so you may not have it yet, but you can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here. Make sure to keep your app up to date, and if your battery is falling below 10-20%, you should see these notifications coming through once you have this feature.