Low battery having been fully charged

Hi, I have a ring doorbell 3 plus which I purchased in May / June of 2020. I purchased a second battery in November 2020 so that a second battery was ready to go when the current one run low and needed replacement. However, both batteries now (when fully charged) are only showing 2% battery life and critically low. Would both batteries simultaneously came to their end at exactly the same time despite being purchased 6 months apart or do I have another problem? Any help appreciated.

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Hi @kkidby7. Typically, the battery percentage won’t update in the Ring app until the Doorbell button has been pushed. After you push the button wait a few minutes, then open the Ring app and check the Device Health menu in the Ring app. Let me know if this helps.

@kkidby7 so did you try pressing the doorbell and checking the battery percentage after that? I have a similar problem.

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