Low battery alert on iOS?


As the subject header reads - everything is working fine on my Battery Ring Doorbell 2 on all of my iOS devices - but what annoyed me is that I didn’t realise that my battery ran out. I’ve checked through the options and can’t see anything that will alert me when the battery is low - does this feature exist?




Good question @Chris_H ! Besides checking device health, low battery alerts are also sent to your email. In app low battery notifications are not a feature at this time, but we will definitely share these wishes with the team.


Would very much like to see this as well. I don’t check my email as much as I used to and the battery has died on more than one occasion. Thanks!


This is poor design pretending to be customer service. The Ring Doorbell can bombard me with notifications each time the wind blows on a motion sensor, but your engineers can’t figure out how to notify me in the iOS app that is the primary control hub for the device.


The IOS app actually says it will push notify a low battery within the interface. So, that means your comment / reply does not match the intended action from the engineers and your information is wrong. May I recommend you send a bug report to your engineers instead of treating this as a feature request? Surely you can see it in the settings >> alarm alerts >> push >> low battery


Hey @WoKev. Thank you so much for your feedback on this! Just wanted to clear this up for you and all neighbors to avoid confusion. The alerts that you are referencing are alerts for your Ring Alarm, not for the Ring Video Doorbell. We do send out Low Battery alerts for all of your alarm devices if you have this feature turned on, but we do not at this time send a push notification if your Doorbell or Cam is low, as this neighbor is referencing they are desiring.

Hi, I was wondering as well if you are going to enable this feature. As people sometimes miss emails (too much spam these days). A push notification is more appropriate and most of the battery devices I know, that have a connected account, have this feature. My doorbell for example has stopped due to battery for a week, and after I looked in my email I found it, meaning that is easy to miss ( and I am checking my email every day). From my point of view is a poor design, it can be done using another app (eg IFTTT) to push notify when you receive that email but you are pushing the issue to your customers. Can you please tell us if that feature is been accepted, and if yes do you have an estimated delivery for the feature? Thanks


Your article https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045181471-Understanding-low-battery-notifications acknowledges the importance of keeping the doorbell charged and says I should receive a low battery message similar to the motion message.
I have never received one of these and the device has run out of battery several times. It’s extremely frustrating and a very basic usability feature that I’m sure most customers would expect to just work.

To the community,

You can set up a low battery alert in Smart Things, and maybe some other devices, under “Automations”. You get a text message when you have under x percent left. I set it to 10%. It works exactly how it should, awesome.


I am not even seeing that option- is it in the Ring app, or somewhere else?

This too has bothered me- I have had my ring doorbell since January, never once have I gotten an email or a push notification about low battery. I cannot find any options for even setting up an email notification for this!