Low Battery Alert Email Not Being Sent

I no longer receive email notifications when the battery for my doorbell is low.

This is obviously problematic as it is not wired so once the battery is flat, the doorbell doesn’t work but I don’t know about it.

How can these emails be re-enabled?

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Hey @Stephen! Please check your junk or spam folder in your email to see if they might be there. If not, please reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in depth troubleshooting.

SAME. So annoying and makes my product useless for a few days until I notice. I shouldn’t have to babysit that status.


Checked my trash, spam, etc. No emails ever for that alert.

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I’m having the exact same problem on my Android

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Me too, ended up with support, answered endless questions, after 45 minutes of asking for more time to “research the issue and look at your account” was asked if the notification emails were in my junk folder. Issue was escalated to supervisor, who said this would be dealt with by special team. After 10 minutes said they needed more time and I would be informed of outcome by email, timeline indeterminate :confounded:


Same with me. Stuck with support online for close to an hour. Everything was triple checked to no avail.


It really shouldn’t be that hard for them to confirm whether they are actually sending these emails…


So Marley_Ring given a number of people have called the support line and not gotten anywhere, what is the plan for resolution?

Same thing here. I’m a new Ring user, and got a Battery Alert a few days after my initial install, and was pleased to see that it worked. Then earlier this week I noticed I was not getting motion alerts, so I went to the doorbell and pressed the button…nothing. I checked my inbox, spam, and junk folder…more nothing.

How can I get that alert to work again?

Sorry to hear this neighbors! In addition to checking spam/ junk folder in your email, I recommend checking email filter settings. You can also check on your battery level anytime in the Ring app, by visiting the device page as well as in the device health section. It’s important to also ensure your connection strength, or RSSI, is sufficient for the device to communicate optimally if needed for a low battery alert.

We value all of our neighbors feedback, and I have shared this with the appropriate teams. Feel free to let us know if any of the above works for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley but no thanks. We are ALL already aware of this. But life happens and I’m not going to babysit my $200 hardware when it has a perfectly good app that costs another $3 a month to tell me alerts I should know. Battery health is also 4-5 clicks into the the app to even find its health level.

Access 1: open app and see dashboard, 2 menu dropdown, 3 devices, 4 doorbell, 5 device health: now I see my battery level

Access 2: open app and see dashboard, 2 select doorbell camera in dashboard (camera loads and takes a couple seconds), 3 select gear options, 4 push device health and I see battery level.

I’m only going to do this baby-sitting check if I’m not receiving emails. It takes longer than necessary to see this, when low battery levels should be in the dashboard, AND BE AN EMAIL or at least a push notification.


No this fundamentaly doesn’t “work for me”.

Please stop making the same irrelevant suggestions and get the root cause investigated.


Of course it doesn’t work for us Marley, many if not all the people on this thread have been through to support and gone through a long drawn out dialogue to no avail about email junk and filters. Device health is buried in the app and it’s passive, low battery level notification when working is proactive, obviously. The comment about signal strength is irrelevant surely if all other notifications are working fine. My situation is typical, the battery notification initially worked, Ive changed nothing on my network or the Ring app but the notifications subsequently didn’t work and the battery has gone flat.

This is a problem your end, surely it would be a far better level of support if you were to acknowledge that and confirm you are working on it rather than infer people don’t know how email junk and filtering works and suggest we keep looking at the battery level ourselves.


Support contacted me to continue the dialogue I’d had and said I was not subscribed to receive emails from them and that would prevent the low battery emails being sent to me. There is logic in this as after a month or so from buying the doorbell, I did unsubscribe from the rather frequent marketing/promotional emails. The support email said I needed to give them consent by replying to the email, which I did, specifically for low battery emails. I’ll be interested to see what happens once the battery is low and hope there won’t be a resumption of promo emails.

Checking my account there doesn’t seem to be a choice of communication preferences where you could subscribe/unsubscribe to different communications, which would be the best way for this to be set up I think.


You make a good point Mja. I wonder if I unsubscribed to marketing emails. I can’t remember. I hate when companies don’t create different settings for marketing and functional. Thank you for calling this out. I’m going to look.

Ring said the same thing that I had unsubscribed from emails. Even if I did, I wish there were push notifications from the app.

Did they say how to resubscribe?

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In my case Stephen, they requested email consent was given by replying to the email they sent me from support. So far I haven’t had any marketing emails so hopefully that consent was specific to alert emails. As I mentioned, I dont see a way to manange communication preferences within the app or low battery alerts within the notification options.


SAME. They sent me an email to make sure I could receive them. After reading the comments above, I also got wrapped up in wondering if I had unsubscribed to marketing emails at some point. So I went back into the website AND the app and there is nowhere in the setup/settings/account to turn those settings on/off or subscribe/unsubscribe. So I’ll just wait and see if the next low-battery email gets to me. It will probably happen in a couple weeks.