Love the Ring doorbell but ours destroyed our marriage!

Not Ring’s fault but in the unlikely event anyone is dealing with a delusional partner (oh, and in my late 40s I didn’t think it would happen in our family either), having a doorbell camera that trips whenever there is slight movement out the front, didn’t work too well. My now ex husband says that one particular video is his 100% proof that I was getting up in the middle of the night and cheating on him on the front pathway. In all honesty, the only movement on that video is a light coloured shadow that was maybe a cat/dog or someone’s headlights. I guess it could have been a prowler but the camera was facing a streetlight so the whole image is distorted anyway. Just thought I should post this because we mainly got our Ring because of the delusional problem my ex has - I’m sure this will be helpful advice for someone.

Oh, if anyone has super special ‘video deciphering’ skills, I’d love to know what you make of the offending video.