Lost Works with Ring Features when switched to Cellular Backup

Just switched over to Cellular Backup and don’t have any more access to GE Z-Wave Plugs and Switches.

Hey @bigworm808. When in Cellular Backup, you will have very limited usage of the app with your devices, which limits the use of the Alarm Devices from the Dashboard to only letting your Arm/Disarm into Home/Away/Disarmed. You will see the same limited functionality if you go into Devices > Alarm Base Station, as it will ask you to reconnect the Base Station. Once you bring the Base Station back online and out of Cellular Backup, fully functionality should restore for you through the Dashboard and through your Devices in the app. :slight_smile:

Can you at least allow one plug to be operated? This would be helpful if you are away from home or running a Ring system for elderly parents and the internet equipment needs to be rebooted. Am actively looking for alternative solutions such as a z wave hub with cell backup or using Abode.