Lost night vision completely.


I’ve had my ring 2 doorbell for a while now and until somewhat recently it worked great but at some point I’ve not only lost night vision, but the options in the menu have disappeared as well.

The camera no longer switches into night vision automatically so I went I to the menu and there are no longer any night vision listings. They’re just gone.

Does anyone know what happened?

Hey @imlosthere. Could you try giving your Doorbell a reset? For this, you will press and hold the setup button for 30 seconds. Sometimes this can help with the night vision not appearing and switching over when it’s too dark for the Doorbell to see. This should be done automatically, so there’s no need to change any settings for this. You may see a setting under Video Settings for “Infrared Lights for Night Vision,” but this is only on select devices and a setting you turn on/off depending if you have outer lights that reflect off the Doorbell’s camera.

Let me know if the reset helps with the night vision! Additionally, try flashing a flash light in front of the Doorbell when it’s dark, and then see if it goes to night vision on the Live View when the flashlight is pulled away.

Same thing happened to my Ring doorbell located at my remote cabin. I will try to reset and see if that works. It’s worthless without the night vision capability.

I wish you luck, I was never able to get it back. I’m guessing they removed the options for night vision from the app on purpose, but no one has ever confirmed it.