Lost laptop viewing after Plus upgrade

cant view my cameras on my lap top after upgrading to protect plus. Keeps prompting 'Please turn your device vertically. Horizontal mode not supported". It’s a laptop, no need to turn it vertically. All I see now is a snapshot with a counter in the lower left corner. Never had this issue before, only after getting the Plus Plan. I want this fixed. Worked perfectly before the upgrade to Plus. Something they did maybe? Laptop is Windows 8.1.

Nothing to do with a plus upgrade. Looks like you have you laptop in windows tablet mode. Make sure tablet mode is off. HTH

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I was getting this when trying to view history from a desktop machine. I have my monitors turned vertically, so the browser window is more narrow than a laptop screen, horizontal monitor, etc. All I did was drag the browser window wider and the message went away and I can see the camera view again. I’d say this is a bug with unresponsive frames or something; it doesn’t resize to the window you are using. The program detects something is wrong but doesn’t display an accurate error message to the user.

Try fullscreen/maximizing the browser on your laptop.

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