Lost dogs showing up all the time making me miss actual crime.

Is there anything that can be done about people characterizing their pets loss a s safety issue of some type? I’m flooded with lost pets and while as pet owner myself I understand the need to get the word out but people aren’t abiding by the rules with regard to this. I know I’d go nuts if my dog were lost but it’s not a public safety or actual crime issue and I have all the pet stuff unchecked but I still get deluged with lost pets when I try to read about the public safety in my neighborhood. I’m not trying to be a grumpy old curmudgeon I just wonder is there a way to get people to stop post these items to everywhere?

Hey @Socrates99. If you feel that there is a post in the Neighbor’s section of the app that has been categorized incorrectly, or need to be taken down, you can flag this for our team! Once in the section of the Neighbors app and seeing a post that should be removed or recategorized, please tap the three dots at the top right of the post and then tap on “Flag as inappropriate.” Otherwise, you have already done the appropriate steps by turning off Lost Pets in the list of posts you can filter out notifications for. Hope this helps!

How do I actually turn of these notices? Where do I find the ability in the app? I thought I had already done this.