Lost connection to all cameras and door bell?????

  1. The Ring Alarm station showed Internet connected, etc, with the exception of the “RED” circle on top

  2. Lost connection to my cameras and door bell.

  3. Tried, RESET, and Pairing with no help.

  4. Tried to reset each camera, and the blue light would blink … for ever. So I killed power to each camera, individually, and they came back!!

  5. Tried everthing imaginable for the doorbell … no luck. Finally, deleted the dorrbell from the system and did a reinstall … NOW its working again!!

Do darn idea wht the heck started this problem!!

Hi @willee51. Wow! That sounds tricky! Typically when you lose connection to multiple devices, it’s a network related issue. In this case, you may benefit from rebooting your internet router. You can do this by unplugging it for 3 minutes, then plugging it back in. Once your wifi restores, you devices should come back online!

I rebooted router “several” times, with no change to Ring. Additionally, we were using the internet at the time and can say without hesitation it was not a Loss of internet!

Now the motiond detecters are alarming on our phones, when motion is detected… Motion Alerts are set to off, Mode set to AWAY and system Disarmed.

Hello @willee51 ,

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but if you check:


You will notice there was a

Delays in receiving notifications and video recording availability

Postmortem - Read details
Sep 30, 22:57 UTC

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Sep 30, 22:18 UTC

Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Sep 30, 21:25 UTC

Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Sep 30, 14:31 UTC

Update - Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays in receiving in App notifications, Chime motion and ding notifications, verifying new email addresses, and video recording availability. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly.
Sep 30, 14:31 UTC

Identified - Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays in receiving notifications and video recording availability. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly.
Sep 30, 13:23 UTC

Sep 29, 2020

So there was apparently technicians ‘fixing’ the main Ring servers at about the time your issue started.

You also said, “Now the motion detectors are alarming on our phones, when motion is detected.” By that I think you mean you are receiving those text-type ‘pushed’ Notifications on your phone App, and the Ring Base Station is not actually ‘alarming’ with the siren going?

You are correct when you said, _“Motion Alerts are set to off” _because that the “Motion Alerts” on each Motion Sensor device is how you turn on/off these text Notifications, and even though they are displaying toggled-OFF, I would re-send that setting to the Ring Server by toggling them briefly right-ward to enable ON blue, and then toggle left-ward back OFF. What was happening to your equipment might be related to the incident when technicians were working on the Ring Server. Your App settings are not stored in your phone’s RIng App, but rather they are stored and tied to your Ring email account at the servers there. Their ‘fixing’ might have altered your settings at the Ring Server, even though your App still displays the settings you had set.

Main Menu (3 horizontal line icon, upper-left-corner of Dashboard > Devices > Alarm Base Station > select each motion sensor to re-toggle “Motion Alerts” ON and back OFF.

Do the similar thing if your “Alert Alert Tones/Chirp Alert Tone” sounds are different; select a sound and then re-select ‘None/Silent.’

I’m a little confused when you also said, “Mode set to AWAY and system Disarmed.”

Of the three Alarm Modes of “Disarmed”, “Home”, and “Away”, on the main Dashboard, only the ‘Disarmed’ = the alarm system is disarmed. Both the ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ Alarm Modes ARE ARMED modes. Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying. Probably you might have meant that in “AWAY” mode you have ‘not enabled’ the motion sensors to trigger the Alarm Base Station?

Typically people have their “Home” armed Alarm mode with their Contact Door and Window sensors enabled so they can trigger the alarm while you are inside (kind of forming a protective barrier from the outside) and have their motion sensor Not enabled in “Home” Mode (so your movement inside the house will not result in the alarm siren sounding. But when nobody is in the house and away, then typically people set their “AWAY” Alarm Mode so all Contact AND Motion sensors enabled to detect when an Intruder gets inside, and triggering the Alarm Base Station to siren.

Anyhow, I hope the re-toggling your settings of your "Motion Alert for the Notifications, and “Chirp Alert Tones” for the sounds that you get on your Ring App, works out and corrects your issues. If not and this issues persists, you should telephone Ring Support for help:


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


I hope this information is helpful :slight_smile:

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