Losing connecton and not recording

I have a battery powered stick up camera pointing out of my window and it worked perfectly for a few months then suddenly without any warning lost connection to wifi despite being within a couple of meters from the router on fibre. I had issues resetting it but finally worked, it tried doing an update and after quite a while started recording me however the next time I check a few days on it’s happened again, I do the same thing and again it goes onto an update and yesterday the same yet again. Every time it tries an update so wondering if the update is bad and causing the issue or if the camera is just beyond use despite being fairly new and charged. My outdoor camera is working perfectly and never lost connection and is twice the distance from my router. Also annoyingly it makes me reset all of the settings every time so highly annoyimng on all counts. Any ideas as I cannot seem to get through to the UK or US call centres online or by phone despite being within their hours.

Sorry to hear about this @Parkerlings! The behavior described is often related to wifi connection or signal strength. Updates are a crucial part of ensuring your Camera is operating efficiently and with all features. With your other Camera working just fine but being further from your router, please ensure there is not anything between your router and the Camera in question.

While distance is half the battle for an efficient wifi signal, it’s important to also ensure there are not things like multiple solid walls, large appliances, or too many large electronics that might be blocking the signal from your router in the direction of your Camera. Bringing the Camera close to your router might help with completing the update, if possible. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: