Loose notifications

Hi, I’m having a real issue with notifications on my android phone, once set up, the doorbell works fine, get notifications, can be slow to come through, but once I have left my house and switched from home network to mobile connection, after about an hour or two I don’t get any notifications at all, even when I return home ang get back on my home network, I need to disable and restart notifications in the app, but it will do the same next time I leave the house, I have reinstalled the app 5 or 6 times and also done full factory reset on my phone, I do get notifications in the first hour or so when I leave home, so now I’m at a loss as what to do? Any ideas?

Hey @Tony666. What is the cellular data like in the area you are in? If you have a poor cellular connection, this could be why the notification have troubles getting to your phone. Do you notice any other apps, if you have any that send notifications, also have a trouble getting notifications to your phone during this time? I would recommend reaching out to your cellular provider as well to ensure you’re speeds are reliable, if not increase your data usage plan if you do not have enough data to get notifications when rooming outside of wifi range!

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Hi, network coverage is fine, but even when I return home and my mobile phone is on my home network, the same one as the bell I don’t receive any notifications until I turn notifications off then back on in app settings, getting so fed up with it I’m considering selling the ring, not worth having it of I don’t get notifications when I’m out, thanks for your advice tho

@Tony666 Not a problem, and I’m sorry that is still happening for you. If you would like, I say check out this article here and this one here to troubleshoot the notifications further, as well as ensure you have no Android apps conflicting with the Ring app.