Looking to use a Ring Alarm Security system as a dimentia alert system

I have a fairly unique situation; though, I suspect others in this community may have a similar situation. My parents, who are both in their upper 80s, want to continue living at home. My dad has dimentia which is slowly getting worse. We have a caregiver who is here every day. But lately my dad had decided he hears things or wants to go for a walk at 1am.
I went into BestBuy looking for a system that could detect if an exterior door to the house was opened then send an alert/alarm to 3 mobile phones (mine, my sisters and the caregivers). Best Buy suggested that the Ring Alarm system that could solve this issue. I have the app installed on my phone and my sister’s phone and we get an alert whenever one of the doors are opened. My question is: How can I convert that pop up alert on our phones to an alarm on our phones that will go off until I acknowledge it? For example, If I am sleeping or otherwise occupied while my dad goes outside in the middle of the night, I might need to wake up and/or drop what I am doing and take immediate action to figure out what he is doing before something bad happens.

Thank you,

Hi @rbeckert. There is no option to have the notification on your phone play an alarm tone or function as an alarm, as it’s sent like a push notification. Are you living in the same house as your parents? If you arm the system at night, you can have the Contact Sensor on your front door set as a secondary door in the settings. That way it will trigger the siren on the Base Station immediately when the door is opened. You can find more information on the setup and use of the Contact Sensors here.