Looking to upgrade from a 1st Gen doorbell

I have a old 1st gen ring doorbell that I’ve had for a long time. It’s battery appears to have died so I’m thinking of replacing it.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being, far exceeds expectations and 3 being, meets expectations) I’d rate my current 1st Gen as a “2” for (not quite meeting my expectations) the following reasons:

  • Slow response to doorbell. By the time the app responds people have usually left (not necessarily a bad thing I suppose [;)]
  • Reliable response to doorbell press. Sometime the old mechanical chime rings but the Ring never responds.
  • Slow response to motion. Often whatever triggered the motion is gone by the time the recording starts.
  • Poor motion detection (it never misses a car or truck but only catches the mailman half the time).
  • Videos are too short and often show only part of an event.
  • Poor cold weather performance (mine’s hard wired but if it gets cold I still have to bring it inside and recharge the batteries).
  • Overall poor video quality.

So, in a replacement, I’m looking for:

  • Good cold weather performance. Down to -5F is fine, we often see single digits but rarely below 0.
  • Much better video quality and resolution.
  • Better motion detection with zones that really work.
  • Faster response time on doorbell press.

Any constructive comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Hi @Jim_S. All of our current doorbells in production are a great improvement over the 1st generation Video Doorbell. All doorbells have 1080 HD video (compared to the 720 HD video of the 1gen), and they now have Customizable Motion Zones for even better motion detection. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 would be a great option!