Looking to secure a detached garage 100' away. Can I add a second base with only cellular?

I want to do something for my detached garage as far as security goes. I have a full ring system in my apartment (the highest tier subscription). Can I add a second base station to my garage if I don’t have a network out there and have it communicate just via cellular? If not can it just be a LAN (no internet).



Hey @Alkemyst. The Ring Alarm Base Station, while it does have Cellular backup, it is fully dependent on wifi to function properly. The Base Station will update when it is on wifi only, and cellular backup is not meant to be on and activated for more than 24 hours. Some neighbors will still have it working after this time, but there is limited functionality in the Ring app, with the devices, and on the Base unit itself. I would look into extending out your home wifi network to see if you can get wifi out in your detached garage for the possibility for a second Base Station out there.