Looking to buy a Ring Door Bell

I have the Ring Flood Light and Wireless Cams and love them. Looking to finally get the Ring Door Bell, but not sure which model and what a “deal” would be on it. Was also hoping new one was coming out soon as I hear there all could have problems…

Looking for advice, appreciate the help!

HI @SherwoodForest ,

We would be happy to offer up some advice to help you pick what Doorbell might be best for you. The most important piece of information to begin with is if you will be able to hardwire the Doorbell or need it to be battery powered?

Any additional details you can share about the area you would like to place this Doorbell is extra appreciated. Such as, if the area has a lot of foot or car traffic in front of it.

Thanks for reaching out in the Community!

Hi, if you have a FLC, I would suggest a PRO doorbell as it has the same Customisable Motion Detection advanced that all Wired models do. But if you do go with a PRO it must be connected to a suitable transformer. In some regions the PRO comes with a Ring transformer as standard. Many customers use their current doorbell transformer, but it is key to ensure it is rated high enough to supply the PRO.

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