Looking for something with 2 separate recordings

Yeah so i want to get a doorbell that record’s fantastic in the night and day obviously,motion. And whatever else safety features.
Do any of them come with 2 devices.?
We have 2 doors and people pick and choose which door they come to and just 1 i wouldnt be able to see anything

Thanks for any recommendations to send me on my journey.

When browsing this forum everyone is having problem’s I dont want to add to that statistic.
Please one which no problems haha i cant bear any issue’s.
Show me a bad boy please

Hi @Nocluemike. If you have two different doors, you would need to install a Ring Doorbell on each door to see what’s happening at each door. You can view all of the Ring Doorbell models we have here. Any bundles currently available can be found here. There are both battery powered and hardwired models. For an overview of the difference in power requirements and features across each model, check out this Doorbell comparison. The Ring Community is a public forum, where neighbors typically come to ask questions and receive general troubleshooting assistance. Our support team is also available to assist with any concerns you might have with your Ring device.