looking for a recommendation how to eliminate motion alerts due to light reflection


Anyone can recommend what can help to stop a wired spotlight cam picking up light reflection (0:03-0:06 in https://ring.com/share/6785326747446605602) as motion?

The motion sensitivity is all the way down to “Less Motion”.

Changing the motion zones is not really possible as these reflections can span over most of the monitored area.

I had a similar situation. I tilted the camera down more to try to get the road and cars out of the picture as much as possible. I also drew the zones so it was a good distance from the road.

Unfortunately it was a bit of trial and error.

Also, did you try to turn on People Only Mode?

I actually like it that the road is covered by the camera. The road is not included in the motion zones.

I haven’t tried the People Only mode. How does it distinguish between what is a person and what is not? As the camera is over a driveway I do want cars crossing the driveway to trigger motion, would it work in People Only mode?

Couple of things

  • I know that you might want to see the road however if you tilted the camera away from the road it my take away the glare - its worth trying.

  • People only mode doesn’t trigger for cars (except when people get in/out)