Long delay between doorbell ring and connect through appt

I have a Ring doorbell and Chime, I bought it so I could speak to couriers to tell them where to leave a parcel when I’m not able to answer the door.

It takes so long to connect from the chime ringing to connecting to the camera to speak to the courier that they have gone before the link is active.

I have WiFi 6 with good coverage all over my property, what is causing the delay and is there anything I can do about it?

I have the same issue. I have very good signal WiFi signal too. Often the person who has rung the doorbell has gone by the time the App notifies me. I’ve just accepted that this feature does not work but thought it was having the Ring doorbell for the recording function. With the new subscription increase I will look elsewhere.

Hi neighbors. If there is a delay in receiving a notification, or activating the Live View, this is usually related to the wifi signal strength or speed. Make sure the signal is strong on both your Ring Doorbell and your phone. In addition to the signal strength, the download and upload speeds on your network also need to be sufficient. We have some information here on how to run a speed test.

One last factor to consider is how long a person will wait at your door. Even if the wifi signal and speeds are perfect, you may still miss a visitor if they ring the Doorbell and leave immediately. Delivery workers are usually on a tight schedule, and are more likely to ring the doorbell and leave quickly after placing the package down as opposed to waiting for you to activate the Live View.