Login Misery

Am I going to have to receive an email code every friggin’ time I log on to my account? I already have password and fingerprint security to start my computer and to log on. If this harassment continues, I’m outa here.

Thank you for the feedback. We will certainly share it with the team and keep you posted on any new developments from the team. For now, please take a look at this helpful article, @Riley_Ring wrote.

Thanks Jennifer. Too bad the info you directed me to was just what I already knew. logon is a pain in the butt. I fill in name and PW, then it asks for the code and deletes the PW I just entered! What the hell? I wait for the email, and then have to repeat the login process two more times because the site refuses to leave the password there when I enter the code. So I have to start all over. Who came up with this? Why do I need to be interrogated every time I log on? There is NO personal or sensitive info to steal. Even my bank and online brokerage do not treat me this way, and THAT is worthy of protecting. This is just a video camera at my door. Who cares? Nothing to steal. minumun security required… WHY CAN’T I OVERRIDE THIS ANNOYING PROCESS BY CHOICE? I did not choose two setep authorization, but it ignores me. REALLY annoying.

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Thank you – we understand. We are working on improvements to enhance the user experience and will keep you posted when those are available.