Logging into different accounts from the app

I just moved into a new home that has a ring device that I am setting up as my own. I need to be able to also log into my parents ring in order to help them out (they are elderly)
Can I switch back and forth from one account to the other via the app? I don’t need them having access to mine.
Also we all log into their ring from the same email (which is their email) my ring will be registered under my email.

Hi @jett1. You can log out and log into different Ring accounts on the Ring App without impacting anything on either account. You can tap the menu in the top left > Account > Sign Out at the bottom of the page. Additionally, you can be added as a Shared User to your parents’ Ring devices but you won’t have control over the settings like you would if they have you sign into their Ring account, so it depends on what works best for everyone. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: